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The Next 7 Things you should follow for Social Media Success

Social Media like a hit has today revolutionized the working of all business and organizations. Be it the small enterprises or medium or the large scale companies, all are affected by the presence of marketing on various platforms. For over a decade, social media has become the king of exploring and advertising products online. The success of your business today not only lies with offline marketing techniques but is more possible via online marketing.

social media access

LinkedIn helps companies to update their customers about the latest trends and techniques in the market. Instagram picture updates make it possible for customers to get complete information on new products. Similarly Facebook is the one place where customers get to know everything about company pages they have liked.

  1. Set the objective

It is vital for any brand, person to set their objective. This can be initiated by making a plan chart. You need to set your objectives in a well – precise manner in order to take forward the right social media strategy.

Here are a few things you need to understand in order to set your objective:

  • What all you expect to market through social media?
  • Define your budget for marketing through social media.
  • The number of postings required for brand building per month.

For objective, you need to create clarity, into understanding what is required now and complete commitment towards what is required. Then you need to decide on your goal, which has to understand the metrics that would be required.

  1. Delight your customers

Give you customers a taste of new launches, some free – bies, early bird discounts and a lot more through social media updates.

  • Showing great deals through regular posts on Facebook, Twitter etc. is better
  • Instagram helps companies to make their customers aware about anything new in the company to achievements etc. through the best pictures. This gives customers a feel of closeness towards detailing the insides of the company.

The top brands in the market ranging from electronics to e – commerce and beverage industry (including LG, Samsung, Dunkin Donuts etc.) are always luring in more customers through attractive images.

  1. Define a buyer persona

Getting into any kind of marketing strategy without actually understanding your exact buyers shouldn’t be the strategy by any chance. Understanding your right kind of buyer will help you maximize your reach and getting better ROI. Defining your buyer persona is easy when you follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Age and gender of your targeted audience and buyers
  • Location of your buyers
  • Interests of the buyer
  • Education level, languages spoken and marital status are also pivotal parameters

With the modification and complete detailing of your buyer persona, there will be changes in the results, but this will help you in better understanding.

  1. Maintain the level of engagement

Engaging the right kind of content, images through social media is vital. The presence of over content or various postings is actually a turn off for many users. Hence you need to understand the right strategy before you plunge in. Prioritize and clarify with your team what exactly you are willing to put on your social media pages and the number of posts that are required.

  • Finalize the number of postings that will be done in a month
  • Images are a better way to help get your customers engaged
  • Asking questions helps customers get engaged by the form of asking questions and your customers answering it

When we talk about social media engagement, we cannot forget names like Guy Kawasaki, former chief envangelist for Apple and Matt Cutts, one of the former leads at Google having 4,02,000 and 1,34,000 followers on twitter consecutively.

  1. Increase their sentiments

After you have increased the hype about any of your products, you have created a market before the launch of the product. This will eventually increase the sentiments of the people. Before the launch of the latest Samsung edge 6, the company created a market on different social media platforms to lure in more customers for the pre – launch. This had created a large market of buyers for the phone during its pre – launch.

  1. Expand your brand voice

The sole aim of making your brand popular through social media is to make more people aware about it along with increasing the member base of the brand. This will help you reach to a wider audience.

  • You need to update your clients about new products and or services being launched. This will help them aware about everything new you have added to.
  • Showcase your popularity, reviews on social media. This will let your old and new customers know how much you love them.

Big brands like Starbucks and Oreo have significantly show their presence not just on Facebook, but with great images on Instagram.

  1. Measure! Measure! Measure!

After all the work has been done, measure the amount of success that you have achieved through the marketing of your products and services on social media platforms.

  • The first step to measure it is by actually seeing your followers and likes on each and every post, image etc.
  • Next step is to check the customer engagement on each and every posts, by checking the number of comments and shares on FB and other social media platform
  • Last is to check the number of people who actually entered your site through the available link.

Bonus point 8: Be helpful amongst all people

Now you might be wondering what that has to do with social media success. Your question is right, but we are helpful towards other brands and willingly increase their products, same goes the chain for our brand. Also try to resolve your product queries if any of your followers or customers have and they have posted the same on your links or elsewhere.

Conclusion: The success of your business today thrives on the social media campaigning and marketing.

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