Introducing Rich Cards in Google Webmaster tools

There are many updates Google does in their webmaster tools frequently. One of the recent updates is the “Rich Cards” and might be you get this notification on your webmaster tools in the recent time.

Below is message pattern you might got:


rich cards

Let’s dig into Rich cards directly:

What is Rich Cards?

Rich cards nothing but a part of the structured data and it is a good way to provide your data like products, events, recipes, reviews etc. Google will display this rich cards information in different forms based on search queries.
Every Rich cards required Structured Markup code for each form.

Different types of Rich Cards:


rich cards 1

If your website related about some recipe & food then you must implement this Rich cards. It will show you in a carousal results just like you can see in the below image.


rich cards 2

If you are organizing any events, concerts or any festivals then this Rich cards will help you right away. It will show the day & time information in special box as you can see in the below image.


rich cards 3

If your website having products then this Rich Cards will help a lot. This will show your product price, availability, their review in the search snippet as you see in the below image.


rich cards 4

If you have specific pages like movie reviews, store or a restaurants, hotels then you should impotent this Rich Cards. It will show like a below image.

How to implement Rich Cards?

Code Snippet for Recipe:

Go to the above link and click on see markup, you will get the snippet of the code which you have to add in your source code.

You can find each code for different types of Rich cards which I explained. Next step is to validate this code.


Validate here after insert your code:
You can able to see the errors here if they found anything wrong. If you have zero errors here then you have insert the right code.

What is time frame to see my Rich Cards?

There is not any ideal time define by Google but once Google find that your website is eligible based on your search queries data then your search results will show with the Rich Cards.

You have to wait until Google find it useful for their end users.

Some Useful Links:

I hope you enjoy the post & start implementing this wonderful feature!

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