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Interview with TADEUSZ SZEWCZYK AKA Tad Chef

Hola to everyone & i bring one more expert interview here where we speak some of the great minds in the industry.

Today, we are happy to feature Tad Chef AKA TADEUSZ SZEWCZYK of Onreact. He helps people with blogs, social media and search & i follow his writing style for a while. He is SEO from Berlin, Germany.

Without further delay, let’s start right away.


Hiren: How did you get into Online Marketing?
Tad: In 2004 – after losing my web developer job in the new economy crash – I was looking for something less technical to do. I wanted to work more with content and people and less with code. Someone was looking for an SEO (back then something barely heard of in Germany where I live) so I got the work because I knew what a mod_rewrite is.

That said I do not consider myself an online marketer really. I don’t sell ads for example. I rather optimize for organic reach. I’m more of an optimizer and popularizer. I don’t work for Google or Facebook as a taxi driver. I teach my clients how to drive traffic themselves independently.

Hiren: How you get the idea to make the seo2.0.onreact.com?
Tad: I realized quickly that SEO as it was practiced back then was crap. It was mostly about gaming Google and trading links behind closed doors. In Germany the whole atmosphere was ugly. People would get attacked on forums just for asking “stupid” questions for example.

I wanted to venture behind the small local market and work together with the much more inspiring global community.

Rand Fishkin was already well known back then. The Web 2.0 enthusiasm of the just starting social media era (it was before Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest) was everywhere, even in SEO. Many people were publicly talking about a new SEO – often calling it SEO 2.0 – among them was Lee Odden for example.

Hiren: What’s your opinion of Online Marketing in 2016? Where are things heading?
What should people focus on currently?
Tad: Just a few corporations – think Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple – control almost the entire online technology sector now. These gatekeepers attempt to push their proprietary walled garden ecosystems and to force publishers to buy ads. In the short term that’s good for agencies that peddle these ads.

In the past it was a sure sign that you’re a spammer when you “alleged a special relationship to Google” as an SEO – now you get an official “Google Partner” badge when you spend enough on Google ads per month. Sooner or later Google won’t need all those agencies selling ads to businesses and will try to cut out the middleman. Already Google is squeezing out organic search results.

You basically see mostly ads nowadays on Google. People barely notice anymore. They click on ads and assume those are the actual results. The only way to overcome this is to make people actually search for you and expect to find you – no matter whether they find your actual site or a mention of you on Google itself without a link to you. Thus

you need to reverse the whole process of optimization. Do not optimize for Google anymore. Make sure that Google has to optimize for you.

Popularize yourself or your client holistically so that Google has to find you in order to provide the best results for searchers. Let others pay Google so that their ads show for your name. In the end people will find you and buy from you. Become the Lady Gaga, Rolls Royce or popular restaurant of your niche/area.

Hiren:  What was your first job? And when was it that you realized you wanted to be in
Tad: See above: front end web developer. Coding become more complex each day so that I was literally sweating. I wanted to become a human again after 2 years of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Hiren: Tad, mention those 3 Advanced Onpage tactics, which should be included in
Inbound marketing?
Tad: I’m not sure they are advanced but they are important for sure:

1. Focus on the value proposition before you add an actual call to action – that is explain why people should subscribe, buy or whatever before you ask them to do so.

2. Add social proof to your site, testimonials from real people ideally.

3. Use in-browser notifications aka web push to gain an audience independently of mail.

Hiren:  If you were to mention the top 3 link building tactics, what would they be?
Tad: I prefer the term “techniques” because the military term “tactic” implies a short term maneuver to defeat your enemy. Link building is about making friends not fighting enemies though. Thus relationship building, pillar content creation and blogger outreach are the three I’d recommend.

Hiren: Which are your most favorite SEO tools, and why?
Tad: I don’t use very specific SEO tools much these days anymore as I focus on content and relationships instead of technology.

Thus my most important tool is probably WordPress as text and images is still the best method to get people to notice you, despite all the video hype we witness for a decade. Nobody can view all the videos. I can view maybe two or three videos per day but I can scan numerous articles.

For outreach I use BuzzStream, especially their discovery tool: idb.buzzstream.com – Moz tools are always a good idea to start with though.

Hiren: If you had to identify the most important ranking factors, what would they be?
Tad: I don’t chase the algorithm. Suffice it to say that link is still president. Other than that nowadays being a brand is a huge plus.

Hiren: what was your proudest SEO moment? What client did you totally knock out of
the park and took their business to the next level?
Tad: Well, I sort of won the UK search award for the “best SEO blog” in 2011 for my client as the leading blogger. Sadly they didn’t tell me or invite me to the ceremony and claimed the award for themselves.

Hiren: Who is Tad’s idol? From whom do you seek guidance?
Tad: When I want to learn something I don’t know yet myself these days I turn to Brian Dean of Backlinko.com and his writings.

Hiren: If you had the power to change something in Google for one day, what would
that be?
Tad: I would re-introduce actual search results.

Hiren: What do you do when you are not doing SEO?
Tad: I train parkour myself or with my dog. I read sci-fi novels. I meditate.

Hiren: Which are those 3 things the world doesn’t know about Tad?
Tad: Nobody seems to know about my ebook yet. Apparently writing one for 3.5 years is too long. I offer free consultations for NGO and activists. You can buy my overflowing content ideas by the 12.

Hiren: How does your workspace look like? Can we have a picture?
Tad: Oh no! It’s all white and minimalist. Probably the most boring one you can imagine as I minimize distractions. When you call me on Skype you can see it.

You may contact Tad over here Or you can reach to him on social channels.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/onreact_com

Thank you Tad for being a sport and answering the questions. The internet marketing world will look forward to this interview as a valuable source.

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