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Interview with Patrick Coombe – Founder of Elite Strategies

Patrick is a founder of an SEO company called Elite Strategies based on Florida. He is an passionate internet marketer by profession & very active member in all the digital marketing platforms like in, Moz and many more.


He is one of my favorite & I follow him since long & learn a lot. It was really pleasure to take the interview of this fantastic guy!

Below is the transcript of the interview.

Hiren: Reliving the moments of your career, let us know how you reached such heights and which were the points that changed your life?

Patrick: I try to always remain true to my personal vision: to help people, to be fair, honest, and to admit when I’m not able to do a certain job.
As far as life changing moments, I would say the birth of my son was one of the biggest moments for me. I stopped cursing, I started recycling, and I started taking my career seriously. I always knew I had talent with web / IT stuff but was never able to channel it into a career. Once I started consulting the floodgates opened and clients started hopping on left and right.

Hiren: What was your first job? And when was it that you realized you wanted to be in marketing?

Patrick: My first job ever was a summer job when I was in 8th grade or so. I was mowing grass at a local cemetery, which was on a huge uphill. I’ve had a few different small jobs when I was younger, and I’ve owned a few different small businesses as an adult. I had some great internships in the past including one when I was in college where I was basically an assistant to the sysadmin for one of the first ISP’s in our area. There were some really smart minds there I was really grateful just to be around them.

Hiren: Patrick, mention those 5 Advanced Onpage tactics, which should be included in Inbound marketing?

Patrick: I keep my on-page really simple
1. Always keep site speed on point
2. Titles, alts, metas, etc
3. Schema markup and structured data
4. Responsiveness
5. Following Google’s guidelines

Hiren: People are just hell-bound on labelling themselves as SEO’s, thinking that it is the easiest field to enter. What according to you are they lacking in when it comes to implementing a perfect content strategy?

Patrick: This is a really good question, and one of my favourite topics to talk about lately. You are right, SEO is a really easy field to enter but very difficult to become an expert in. In my opinion, one of the biggest skills most SEO’s lack is basic computer skills.

I’ve seen SEO’s do a great job of title tags and meta descriptions but have no idea how to upload a text file to FTP, convert a file from a CSV to XLSX or how to use a CLI.
It is true, anyone can call themselves an SEO but in my opinion before you can be an SEO you must master the computer. You have to learn how a server works, how a network works. Sure, you can do some basic SEO tasks like log into a CMS and change some headings around, but until you learn the inner workings in the interwebs, you’ll just be an outsider to me.

Hiren: If you were to mention the top 3 link building tactics, what would they be?

Patrick: OK I take a very organic approach to link building. I hate to sound like a cliché, but if you write good content, people will link to you. So that is my first one.

My second one is outreach, look for opportunities where people might want to link to you. I’ve scored some major links just from asking for it. It is not fun work, and a lot of people avoid outreach because it doesn’t give that instant reward, but if you put in a little time each week, it’ll start to pay off.

Lastly, if you start to identify yourself as an influencer people will start to reach out to you for interviews (such as this) guest post requests etc. Over the past 1-2 years since I’ve started putting myself out there, I’ve gotten so many requests from people to write for them, interview, ghost blog, etc. I literally can’t keep up. I could make it a full time job just writing and getting links all day but at this point it is really just about finding the best opportunities.

Hiren: Which are your most favourite SEO tools, and why?

Patrick: I don’t use a lot of SEO tools but my favourites are:

Screaming Frog – this is just such a great all around SEO tool. You can get a full workup of a website in just a few minutes and see all of the on-page elements all in the same place. I’m also really excited about their new log analyser.

Ahrefs – To keep it really simple: it shows you your links. You can see anchor text, dates, patterns and more. I don’t use a lot of the advanced features, but I know they are decent.

Xenu – This is an excellent tool to scrape an entire site to check for internal linking issues. This will tear through a website and give you some answers if you are having problems with link juice / broken links etc.

Hiren: If you had to identify the TOP most ranking factors, what would they be?

Patrick: At this point I would say webpage responsiveness (mobile), website speed, authority / links, on-page, and social signals…not necessarily in that order.

Hiren: what was your proudest SEO moment? What client did you totally knock out of the park and took their business to the next level?

Patrick: Some of our earliest clients we did the best work for. We’ve done some great work over the years, it is tough to pin point any specific client in particular. Last year I helped one of my personal clients build an eCommerce website and own an entire regional market in the SERPs in 12 months. Prior to that they didn’t even have a website. So they basically went from zero internet presence to getting boat loads of phone calls, tons of social interactions, and online orders it has been pretty cool to watch.

There are also a lot of “little” wins that really matter. We have a local auto repair shop that we really put on the local map. We made a killer website for them, gave them a sick social media presence and they have some really solid rankings in the area for all of their keywords.

Hiren: Who is Patrick’s idol? From whom do you seek guidance?

Patrick: My friend Abhi is the one I go to to seek guidance. He is kind of like me a jack of all trades but really is at an expert level in many areas including web programming, network admin, eCommerce and more.

Hiren: If you had the power to change something in Google for one day, what would that be?

Patrick: I would bring back “not provided”  Either that or maybe get rid of ads completely!

Hiren: What do you do when you are not doing SEO?

I’ve been gaining a lot more hobbies over the years. I’m really into electronics, I build a lot of PC’s for my friends, family and our office. I’m really into technology including embedded systems, Raspberry Pi, Linux. Last week I reversed a community security gate when my friend lost their access card.

I try to volunteer as much as possible, give back to our community, recycle, but most of all spend time with my 5 year old son Phoenix and my wife Jacquelyn.

Hiren: How does your workspace look like? Can we have a picture?

Here is the last pic I took, this is about half of my home office.


The other half is a PC test bench setup, parts, electronic testing etc.

You may contact Patrick over here Or you can reach to him on social channels.

He is very active and surely will help you in case of any help you need in terms of Digital Marketing.

Thank you Patrick for being a sport and answering the questions. The internet marketing world will look forward to this interview as a valuable source.

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