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Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout With Google’s John Mueller – Highlights

Google’s John Mueller recently made quick Webmaster central office hours hangouts & give live (Q & A) with the online users.

Below are some quick Q & A Summery of the hangout:

Question: Do links from tabs (tabs are used to switch categories on the website main page) that are not visible by default have less importance for Google (i.e. pass less PR, crawled less frequently etc.)? From Oleg Kolyamkin

Answer by John: No, it is perfectly fine. If it is for your internal navigation is totally fine.

Question: I have an ecommerce wsite and I show products in categories which include them in smap.xml its normal to not have any product in a category so we show nothing found msg and google marks them as soft-404 what HTTP code we should return 200, 204, 404 or 410? From Behnam Heydari

Answer by John: This is common in ecommerce. Ideal way to do 404 OR put Noindex code.

Question: Is there any way to speed up recrawling rate of pages or rich snippet refresh rate? We have rich snippets containing prices and often the price in snippet is an old one while the price on the page already changed. From Oleg Kolyamkin

Answer by John: Best way to do is update your sitemap by adding “Last modified date” then Google will recheck your elements & provide the results if all are looking good.

Question: Hi John, could you shortly briefly tell how seriously should we take 404 notifications from Search Console? Our customers keep coming back with this question and would be great to have your opinion we could refer to. From Krzysztof Deszcz

Answer by John: 404 are not effect on ranking. If your page does not exist & it is return with 404 is perfectly fine.

Question: The page contains list of urls related to category pages, sub-category pages and similar way we have 20 pages with same links and same meta content. Will Google consider these pages as duplicate urls or content? From Venunath Oggu

Answer by John: Sometimes we treat this as normal and do not consider as a duplication but ideal practice is to create unique content to make it more visible.

Question: One of our sub domains migrated from http to https, now we see all our sub domains indexing are going down since Header and Footer links includes all sub domains, does this migration could affect indexing. What is the best practice to find the issue, From Hari Krishnan

Answer by John: Set up search console for HTTP & HTTPs version of the website & compare the reports. Also you can able to set property set to combine both the data in search analytics.

I have randomly choose the Q & A from the hangouts. I hope you like the short answers.

For full video you may check it here.

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