How to Audit your Google PPC Campaign in 10 Minutes

PPC campaigns are easy to setup but difficult to optimize up to certain extent. There might be single account or multiple account handle by various agency. Sometimes it will consume more time for the optimization purpose so some common points required auditing in a better way.

Here are few common health check will help you in right away.

  • Search term report

This is very important and basic report you should run on daily basis.


This report shows the number of different search term combination which actual user type and click on your ad, once you run this report it will show “broad match modifier” “broad match” “phrase match” combination keywords.

Quick note: You can quickly analyze this data and able to know the exact search term. If you find some irrelevant word then add that into negative keywords right away. This way you have a tight & theme based ad group.

Take a quick look here for more information about search term report.

  • Keyword Diagnosis

This function shows number of keywords which actively running in your campaign in real time.


Quick note: You can easily identify number of keywords stat in a quick manner. Sometimes Keywords are not triggering because of same combination so this way you can avoid the duplication if any.

Take a quick look here for more information about keyword diagnosis report.

  • Quality Score

Quality score is very vital factor of any Adwords campaign. It has direct correlation with your CPC. So looking into this factor is very crucial step which you must follow on frequent basis. Good QS helps to perform your keywords better & decrease CPC, same vice versa.



Quick note:  You can check the daily Quality score of your keywords and note if any goes less, improve right away once you find it low.

Take a quick look here for more information about quality score.

  • Average Position

This function shows average number position of your ad once you setup the campaign. For each keyword this will show the ad position.


Quick note: It is very important to know your ad position. After analysing this metric you can able to get the idea about the overall ad position for your keywords. You can tweak few things if you find your ad rank low.

Take a quick look here for more information.

  • Dimension

This tab helps you to customize your data by different dimensions as per your need. You may use this function to see the different statics like monthly data, regional data, hourly data and much more.


Quick note: You can set few hourly or week report to see the various performance report of your campaign. It is worth to check this tab on daily basis and set the report which you want.

Take a quick look here for more information about dimension.

Closing thoughts:

There are many tabs and functions in the Adwords to do audit of your full campaign but if you want quick Google Adwords audit then go for the above points, it will surely provides you the good insights to take the further implementation.

It is quick & easy check points to complete your PPC audit in 10 minutes. I hope you enjoyed the post & share your comments if you have any query.

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